TREDEX is a brand of bathroom products founded in 1999 and fully owned by SARA Group.

Since its foundation, TREDEX has maintained a commitment to achieving the highest quality products employing only the most advanced standards of production, and finest raw materials, from across Europe and Asia. TREDEX’s full range of bathroom products focuses on innovative designs and technologies that provide sustainable lifestyle solutions without compromising quality or value.

TREDEX’s history is long and its brand equity is well established amongst developers and traders in the Middle East. TREDEX is proud to have partnered with the best developers across the region in many of their landmark projects.

Although TREDEX products are produced in the finest factories across Italy, Germany, Portugal and China, amongst others, the TREDEX brand is from the region and for the region. Amongst bathroom products brands, this gives TREDEX a unique perspective and relevance as we cater to our home region’s tastes with a large portfolio of localized products and design collaborations created specifically for the Middle East by globally renowned designers.



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